French Language Day: French Movies That Will Make You Want to Learn More

Why Do We Recommend French Movies for You?

French is a great language to start learning if you don’t know how to speak it. This language is one of the most spoken languages, with around 73 million speakers all over the world. Estimates show that this number has risen to 500 million in 2015 and will be increased to over 650 million in 2050. Watching a French movie is one of the ways through which you can learn the language. Read on to find out more!

Seven Must-See Movies of the Last Decade

We can’t deny the fact that French is a simple language to learn and good to speak at the same time. For this fact, we have some movie samples for you to check out. Lucky are those who already know this language. But for those who are still learning, they can rely on translate English to French software for help. This tool will make you enjoy watching the movie to the fullest. It can also help you understand the language without any challenges. Check out a few movie samples provided below:

  • L’Avenir (2016)

This is a French-German drama of the year 2016. It also goes by the name ‘Things to Come.’ It got nominated as the 3rd best foreign language film in 2017. Isabelle Huppert plays the role of a middle-aged philosophy professor. In this movie, she is called Nathalie Chazeaux. This character passes through a life challenging experience. She has an old aged mom whom she has to take care of. Besides, she gets dumped by her husband and loses her job. This movie touches on love, life, and time. Watch it to see how Nathalie will manage all the challenges that she faces in her life.

  • Elle (2016)

This film has won different awards, including being the best film at the 42nd Cesar Awards in France. Isabelle Huppert is the major character in this movie. She is known as Michele Leblanc. She is a businesswoman who gets raped but doesn’t report the matter to the police. The reason for this was because of her past life experience with the police. This film shows the life of Michele and how she has affairs with two different men. One of them was a husband to her neighbor. The other man was the husband of her business partner. Watch this movie to see what happens to Michele.

  • Bande de Filles (2014)

Bande de Filles, also known as ‘Girlhood,’ is a French drama movie. Its story revolves around a girl by the name Marieme. This girl is surrounded by a culture where she has to struggle to survive. She joins a gang of ladies who are into drugs and stealing. The major reason for that was because she saw Ismael together with these ladies. Ismael is a man whom Marieme had a crush on. Marieme gets disappointed with life as she leaves the gang and decides to work for a drug lord by the name Abou. This brings out issues in her relationship with Ismael. Later on, she wins her life back after all the struggles that she passes through. This is an interesting movie to watch.

  • Deux jours, Une Nuit (2014)

This movie is also known as ‘Two Days, One Night’ in English. Its story maneuvers around a character by the name Sandra. Sandra is a worker who wants to return to her job after a medical leave. She gets surprised to find out that her workmates are against her return. The main reason was that the company had promised them a €1,000 bonus if they voted her out of the company. This movie is all about trust and how Sandra managed to go through her battles. She gets help from her husband, Manu, together with her real friends at work. But before she succeeds, Sandra has to convince her workmates to reject the bonus offer.  This was to make sure that she can secure her job back. Later on, she rejects the job offer only to save a colleague by the name Alphonse. The management had declined to renew his contract after accepting her back.

  • Intouchables (2011)

Do you like comedy-drama movies? Watch out for the Intouchables, also known as ‘Untouchables’ in simple English. This movie got released in the year 2011. It was also voted for in the cultural event in France within the same year. This movie has a character by the name of Driss. This man went for an interview as a live-in caregiver for Philippe. Driss was from the Paris ghetto while Philippe was a wealthy man with quadriplegia. This is a condition where all four limbs are not functioning.

Driss got hired for this job, but he never had plans to secure it. He only wanted to present himself for the interview to get a signature from the interviewer. This was for him to continue receiving his welfare benefits. Driss changed the life of Philippe in as much as he didn’t have any experience in doing that job. Watch out on how Philippe’s life got restored by Driss and how he left him living a happy life once more.

  • Des Hommes et des dieux (2010)

If you are a fan of drama movies, then here is one for you. This movie was produced in the year 2010. It is also known as ‘Of Gods and Men’ when translated to English. It focuses on nine Trappist monks who used to live among the Muslim community in Algeria. Their peaceful stay got corrupted when seven of them got kidnapped by a group of terrorists. They were later on assassinated. The movie also touches on the weakness of the government that contributes to the deaths. Watching this movie is good as it shows the importance of being together in one common religion. Besides, it also depicts how strong this unity can be.

  • Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (2007)

Also known as ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,’ this movie was shot in the year 2007. Looking at that time, someone might claim that this is an old-aged movie to watch by now, but I can prove you’re wrong. This movie circulates this main character by the name Jean-Dominique Bauby. He is completely paralyzed and can’t move any other part of his body except his left eyelid.

You don’t want to miss watching this movie to know how Bauby communicates to his therapist. He manages all that by raising his eyelid to respond to words that he is being told. Watch out as the therapist struggles to understand all that Bauby communicates. You will get surprised by what he does under his condition. The man, later on, suffers a fatal death from pneumonia. This movie will teach you how to appreciate being who you are. Bauby undergoes a lot of suffering but finally manages to do many things. This was with the help of his therapist.

Wait for No Further – Try out These Movies and You Will Love Watching Them!

If you are or want to be part of the French community, then what are you still waiting for? Try watching these movies provided and you will enjoy every bit of the French language. Choose the best French movie sites that are always up to date to enjoy such films. Also, if you find love in the French culture, do not hesitate to celebrate it with others by watching movies. With this list, we hope that you will enjoy your French language day.